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Website Design Package

The website design and cost will cover an unlimited website page for everything. These are the items that are included and this cost will cover all of the below-listed items and covers 4yrs of hosting, you do not have to pay any more fees until after 4yrs:

Design a fully functional digital website

  1. Unlimited webpages
  2. Unlimited images
  3. Unlimited videos
  4. Full real-time live chat feature
  5. 80 Customs emails addresses
  6. Establishment of a Facebook page (if you have we then link it to the site)
  7. Establishment of a YouTube Channel (If you have we also link it)
  8. Establishment of a Twitter Page
  9. Establishment of a Live streaming platform that allows for live video conferences and broadcasting systems from anywhere in the world

.   11. Hosting of the website for 4 years (and you shall pay any other funds, and after the 4yrs the hosting cost is cut by 50%)

  1. Cost for SEO
  2. Cost for Privacy protection online
  3. Design, redesign, or modification of your Organization’s logo
  4. Online and domain protection
  5. Purchase of your domain name and cost to cover the domain name for the same 4yrs
  6. Training of two identified individuals to perform updating of the site at your own timing
  7. Training on how to manage the live streaming services

You  can scan the QR code and fill out the web design request form on your mobile even  on the go

More Information About the package

Upon receipt of the funds, the website shall be ready live within ten (10) business days for our first walk-through. Thereafter we do more technical editing and modifications. The entire project should be ready for world presentation depending on how fast both sides complete our modifications after the day we do our first walk-through

Datacharlie shall remain as technical support for the site for 1year free.

Please note that we are based here in Sumter and we are open to any phone, zoom, or in-person discussion is highly appreciated. Please feel free to call or email or request a Zoom any time of the week.  Our contact is located below.

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